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Thursday - Saturday 10:30am-6pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

Arrangements can be made for pick-ups most any day of the week. 


Our Story

Founded in 2002, Chippy's began as a family idea. With a loan from their parents, Scott and Linda Chipman started traveling to festivals, farmer's markets, and corporate events to delight event-goers with the smells of freshly popped kettle corn.

Today Chippy's has several mobile units still serving Wisconsin at farmer's markets, community events, and company picnics along with our shop and corporate kitchen located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, where every batch of gourmet popcorn is lovingly hand-crafted.


About Scott and Linda

Both Scott and Linda hold degrees in Culinary Arts from technical colleges in Wisconsin. Prior to starting Chippy's, they had spent time in the hospitality industry in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Illinois. Throughout their careers, Scott had reached Executive Chef at several organizations and Linda had reached Training Manager in several national chain restaurants. The idea for a kettle corn business came from a visit to Kentucky where Linda's sister and brother-in-law knew some friends in the kettle corn business. At that time they were not thinking about starting a business. In 2001, however, they both found themselves at a crossroads in their careers--desiring to do something different. They remembered the kettle corn stand they saw and the delicious giant bag of kettle corn they devoured on their ride back to North Carolina; the journey to a new adventure was underway. 

With their culinary backgrounds, ideas come easily to both Scott and Linda and they enjoy the recipe creation process to craft unique and tasty popcorns that will a-maize you. 



Small: approximately 4 cups

Large: approximately 8 cups

1 Gallon Tin: approximately 16 cups

2 Gallon Tin: approximately 33 cups

3.5 Gallon Tin: approximately 57 cups

Party Box: approximately 90 cups

All of our popcorns are crafted in our kitchen in small (5 gallon) batches and then we hand-pack and heat seal the packages to maintain optimum freshness for up to 3 months. Our tins are prepared and hand-packed when we get your order. We seal each tin with a shrink wrap band. After opening all popcorns, we recommend consuming within 3 weeks for optimal flavor. In between snack times, keep your popcorn in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

Under each product, we have listed the ingredients. Please note that we hand-craft all our popcorns in our kitchen which also prepares dairy, soy, nut and wheat treats.

Our popcorn seeds are all non-GMO. However, in the creation of some of our finished products, we do use ingredients that may contain genetically modified components.

Yes! Our kitchen and store is housed in a very cramped 1200 square foot building in Beaver Dam, WI. Scott (POP) and Linda (MOM) with their small team of POP Stars, are popping and creating fresh treats every day for you and yours.

Scott’s last name is “Chipman” and over the years many people called him “Chip” or “Chippy.” In 2002 when we started our kettle corn business, “Chippy’s Kettle Corn” was what POPped into our minds. When we expanded into our kitchen in 2012, we needed a new name to represent all of the creations we were dreaming of, so we launched “Chippy’s Popcorn Creations.” As we’ve become more known throughout the US, most folks now know us simply as “Chippy’s.”