From Laundromat to Popcorn Shop

Soooooo— 9 years ago, we did this thing…and opened Chippy’s Popcorn Creations.
Seems we’re always too engaged in the here and now to plan anything celebratory. However…I’m hopeful that next year we will get to do something super fun with Y’all. Next year is special as we will celebrate Chippy's Kettle Corn, LLC 20 year anniversary and Chippy’s Popcorn 10 year anniversary.
Way before we even thought about settling and investing in Beaver Dam, we popped kettle corn at Lake Days for 3 years. As our circuit changed over the years, we have built a different of events that we serve.
Since we’ve been a part of Beaver Dam, we have been asked by most festival committees to participate, but often we have kept our previous commitments to the events we have worked hard to secure.
This weekend, a new rendition of Lake Days, now the Dam Fest will see other vendors…and that is ok. There’s plenty of business for everyone, and we simply can’t work in town, since most of our circuit is out of town.
In years past, we have set up our stand and stayed open for the fireworks, but this year has been demanding on us with labor shortages and coming off the changes that came with Covid. We will not be opening extra this year, as we simply don’t have the hands—and stamina—coming off this very busy holiday weekend.
That’s a lot of info, thanks for reading a bit of what’s up.
Most of all—we CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR NEARLY 20 years of events and 10 years in Beaver Dam!!!!!! We appreciate you! 🍿
Enjoy some pics of our renovations back in 2011-2012