In the year of COVID, we've all had to adjust and change our norm. Here at Chippy's, that goes for us, too. Although we are currently in the midst of building a new website, we're just not there yet. But, we do want to offer some holiday selections on our site to help you if you can't POP into the shop. 

With all that being said, please know that things may look a little "wonky" since adding this section is yet another change to how we are doing things this year. And, please know that we'll do our best to ensure we have everything that you see, but we may occasionally be out of a certain item since we also have in-person sales at our physical shop. 

Thank you for your support of your independently owned Mom & POP Shop. We appreciate you!


1) We will make adjustments as necessary on your shipping if need be. For example if you only want a sticker, for example, we will send that in a regular flat envelope and refund you any shipping you may have paid. However, if you are ordering multiple items that will be sent in a box, its likely the shipping will be calculated correctly. 

2) There is a "NOTE" section when you check out...please use that section if you want us to know anything specific regarding your order. Please remember, if this is being sent to someone other than you, please include your note to them. We will write your note and include in the package. ("To," "Dear __," etx..., message, "From," Love," etc...)

3) If you want any of our holiday flavors in a gift pack or part of a tin, please order the flavor "Substitute" and be sure to type in the notes section which holiday flavor you would like for the substitute. 

Holiday Shop Items will be posted soon! Thank you!